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The team behind the show – Xposé

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This week on “The team behind the show” we’ll be taking a look at the TV3 show, Xposé. The show is one of a kind here in Ireland, an evening show with a female focus that catches viewers up on all the celebrity gossip, cat walk trends and best beauty buys. It is presented by an all female team. Along with the presenters, the producers and researchers also work tirelessly to keep the show on the road. Read on to discover what Xposé is all about and who does what to create this unique show each week.


xposé presentersThere are currently four permanent presenters on Xposé. The all female team consists of Karen Koster, Lisa Cannon, Glenda Gilson and Aishling O’Loughlin, who was covered this year by Michelle Doherty while she was on maternity leave for her second child.

Karen Koster is the leading anchor on the show. She graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 2003 with a degree in English Literature and French and has been on the show since its launch in 2007. Before Xposé she had worked presenting the weather on Ireland AM.

Aisling O’Loughlin studied  journalism at DCU. Before Xposé she worked as an intern on Today with Pat Kenny on RTÉ Radio 1. She then worked in Clare FM, the Limerick Evening Echo and finally on TV3 News. She also has been with Xposé since 2007.

Lisa Cannon graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a B.A in Drama and Theatre Studies and a Master’s Degree in Film. Lisa began working on Xposé in 2007 and has been there since.

Glenda Gilson joined the Xposé team on a part-time basis in 2008 and has since become a full-time presenter. She also works as a model.

As well as presenting the show, the girls regularly interview Irish and international celebrities, attend and cover Irish events including top awards ceremonies, film premieres, rock and pop concerts and fashion shows. They work as a team, one member of the team stays in studio presenting whilst other members cover the day’s events.

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The late Colm Murray – A year on but never forgotten

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colm-murrayA year ago today, the legendary RTÉ sports broadcaster, Colm Murray died after a brave three year fight with Motor Neuron disease.

The 61-year old was fondly remembered for his sports coverage and especially his first love of horse racing. Colm will forever and undoubtedly be affiliated with horse racing, where his knowledge of the sport combined with his affectionate personality made the sport worthwhile to all concerned. From Cheltenham to Punchestown, the Curragh to Fairyhouse, the Westmeath native was the voice and face of racing for the legion of fans of the sport. Apart from horse racing, Colm covered a wide range of top class national and international sporting events, including the Olympics and Paralympics in Sydney, Athens, and Beijing and the 1990 World Cup in Italy, which Colm himself regards as his finest moment of his distinguished sports broadcasting career.
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Remembering Maeve Binchy

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Today is the second anniversary of the Irish novelist, playwright, short story writer, and columnist, Maeve Binchy. Her death was announced by Vincent Browne late on 30 July 2012 and was mourned as the passing of Ireland’s best-loved and most recognisable writer. She was 72.

Maeve BinchyMaeve made her name for the humorous and upfront tone she took when discussing small town life in Ireland. She was also known for the detailed characters she created and her deep interest in human nature.

She was born 28 May 1940 in in Dalkey, County Dublin and was the oldest of four. She began her career in the 1960s as a journalist and columnist. During the 1970s she began to write books.

Her novels were translated into 37 languages and she sold over 40 million copies worldwide during her lifetime. Her books are still praised and celebrated by fans across the globe today.

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Best headline of the day

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farmingWe saw this yesterday in the Irish Independent‘s Farming section.

It certainly made us smile, we hope it brightens up your day too.


Aertel Sport Teletext – A cherished memory

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aertelFor a sports fan in the today’s world, you are only a click away from finding out if your team has won or lost. Apps such as Livescore, Sky Sports and Twitter, have ensured that you are kept up to date with the latest scores across a spectrum of sports. However, in Ireland, before the advent of all these apps and websites, people would have picked up their brick of a remote control and clicked the text button which unleashed the holy grail of sports scores – Aertel Teletext. We here at, would like to pay homage to the text service that satisfied the legion of sports fans up and down the country.

The black and green coloured text along with the white coloured numbering was as standard as you get. As you keyed in the number page you wished to view, the page used to slowly come up piece by piece until the page was finally shown in full. This was a big frustration for fans of for example, the Premier League, who saw ‘Man’ followed by ‘chester United’ followed by eventually the goalscorers names. The thrill of seeing your favourite team’s result come up slowly made it all the more special. Who can remember the number codes for the various pages? Sport was page 200 as the various sports pages came up from 200 right up to 300. The most popular number was by far 221. This was the number code that brought you the latest scores from the Premier League, Champions League and International games.

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Is Sarah Palin set to become the new Oprah?

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PalinSarah Palin yesterday announced the launch of her brand new internet television news channel. The former governor of Alaska will base her show around live interaction between viewers as well as discussing the hard hitting topics that is making the news. The 2008 vice-presidential nominee said: “This is a community where we’re going to be able to share ideas and discuss the issues of the day and we’re going to find solutions”.

The outspoken, Idaho born politician, has long since been a advocate of what she has referred to as the “lame-stream” media in relation to the criticism she received during the 2008 vice-presidential campaign. Palin has said that her online news broadcast would be a change from the run of the mill media outbursts and would get to grips with ideas “Washington doesn’t what to hear”.

The home page of the website is brimming with anti-Obama features, with a ticker totting up the national debt, alongside a clock counting down the days to the end of the Obama presidency. Her first uploaded video on the site sees Mrs. Palin putting her arguments forward against the American President’s impeachment.
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Irish Daily Mail apologises and pays damages to senator over newspaper articles

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Associated newspapers today apologised to Irish senator, Fidelma Healy Eames, for two articles published in the Irish Daily Mail in August 2012. It has also also paid an undisclosed amount to the senator.

fidelma healy eamesThe High Court was informed this morning that defamation proceedings being taken against the newspaper group by the senator could be struck out.

Two years ago, articles were published in the paper discussing the participation of the senator and her husband, Michael Eames, as volunteers with the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) charity in Rwanda.

In a statement read by the publisher’s lawyer, Associated Newspapers said: “We wish to make it clear that their participation was exclusively in support of the charity in Rwanda.

“We also accept that the articles gave the wholly inaccurate impression that the senator had benefited from public or charity funds.”

He went on to apologise, “We apologise to the senator and her family for the embarrassment caused by our reports.”

Follwoing the hearing, Healy Eames’s solicitor, Paul Tweed, said: “My client is satisfied that the record has finally been set straight and her reputation totally vindicated with this categoric apology… together with the payment of appropriate damages.”

Fidelma Healey Eames also pledged to make a donation to a charity for Rwandan widows and orphans.



The Guardian

RTÉ News

How to create an awesome CV and nab your dream job!

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Feeling a little lost? Just can’t find yourself a job after what seems like a lifetime of trying? Fear not! We know just how to help.

A creative, interesting and well put together Curriculum Vitae (or CV as it is better known) is vital if you ever want an employer to notice you. You can no longer just walk into a company, have a chat with the boss and walk out with a job. These days everything is digital and online. Even a phone call is sometimes difficult to come by, so it is essential that you have the skills to make yourself standout on paper, through your C.V.

If you have been using the same old format for years, have the skills for a job but are getting few results maybe its time to dig your old C.V. up and revamp it. We here at scoured the internet and found the best C.V.s out there to try and inspire you. Here are some of our favourites, along with some useful tips on how to make yours standout:

1. Go Digital

Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 16.36.05We live in a digital age. There is no point sitting around hoping that your traditional way of doing things will suddenly come back into fashion. Be realistic, we all need to move with the times and so does your CV Think about it. We are all surrounded by technology, by images and sounds, by interactive pages and piles of information. You need to tap into that. Make your CV interactive! Include a video, photographs or some music, if that’s what you think could make an impact!

However,  always remember to tailor your CV to suit your job. If you are hoping to get a job in a digital industry then show this on your CV If you are a graphic designer or a web designer then your CV should reflect this and using the web to create an interactive CV will help greatly.

Check out Robby Leonardi‘s CV This CV really illustrates the benefits of going digital. It is sure to get employers interested!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of going digital have a look at Niall Kelly’s video CV It definitely makes an impact.

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Media on the Move: This week’s stories

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It’s that time again when we at take a look at the ins and outs, the movers and shakers in the Irish media. ‘Media on the move’ is the blog that is dedicated to bringing you all the latest moves in the Irish media. We discover the latest changes within the Irish media to ensure you are kept in the loop. Whether they be in radio, print or television, we have them covered.

This week on ‘Media on the move’, the Sunday Business Post Editor, Cliff Taylor, steps down and Newstalk presenter, Norah Casey is set to leave her radio slot for TV. Let’s get right into them:


1. Cliff Taylor steps down as editor of the Sunday Business Post

cliffExperienced and seasoned financial journalist, Cliff Taylor, is to bow out of his position as the editor of the Sunday Business Post. Mr. Taylor’s decision was based on his desire to pursue other interests  after 10 years as editor of the economic paper.

Mr. Taylor, also the former economic editor at the Irish Times, will be replaced by the Sunday Business Post‘s political editor Pat Leahy. Mr Leahy will take over as acting editor before a full-time replacement is put in place. The incoming editor will take over  a newspaper that had a print circulation of 34,322 in the second half of 2013 – a figure that was nearly 13 per cent lower than its sales figures in the second half of 2012.

Speaking about his reasoning behind retiring from the paper, Mr.Taylor said: “I was very keen to see the paper through the examinership as it was a very difficult period for the newspaper. There is never a perfect time to move on, but it seems to be an appropriate time”. The company, which suffered a number of redundancies last year as the new owners looked to cut operating costs, has been attempting to both bridge the circulation decline and grow its digital revenues.

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Media Essentials- all you need to know this week

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This week here at, we have gathered the 3 top media stories from Ireland and abroad to ensure that you’re kept informed with all things media related. Our weekly blog post will bring you up to date on all the latest Irish and international media news. This week’s stories include a post box to keep up with the digital era, a new feature on Google maps to aid tourists and good news on the job front from Independent News and Media.

dublinpostbox1.An Post plans for the manufacture of up to 80,000 new delivery boxes

The Irish postal service, An Post, have come up with an exciting new plan to counteract the problem of a homeowner not being at their home to collect their parcel. They have planned to create new specialised boxes that will be placed just outside the owner’s home. The company has begun a search to find a manufacturer to join them in a three-year contract. An Post have said that the plan was in response to an increasing rise in customers’ online and catalogue shopping preferences and in preparation of future growth. The volume of customers had increased by 22% in 2013. The pricing for the new post boxes has yet to be announced, but An Post  have promised to keep the prices “as low as possible”. The boxes will be constructed in such a way that only the owner and An Post will be able to gain entry. The enclosed dimensions should permit for the storage of a package 37cm long, 25cm high and 16.5cm wide. As well as that, they should have the ability to withstand temperatures of between -5C and 35C and be protected against water.

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