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The best of this week’s news

July 23rd, 2014 Posted in Ireland, Irish Journalists, Journalism, Music, Politics, RTE No Comments

Newsrooms across Ireland this week have certainly been very busy so far. It seems this year’s “silly season” hasn’t quite hit the media yet. There has been a lot of tragedy in this week’s news, but we have chosen to look at a variety of stories, from the light hearted to the more serious topics. This blog post will discuss issues such as the Shannon airport scandal, along with the Beatles tree that was ironically killed by beetles. We’ll fill you in on all you need to know.

Read on to catch up on this some of this week’s top stories…

1. Independent TDs arrested at Shannon airport

calre and mickIndependent TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly were arrested by Gardaí on Tuesday after getting into an airside terminal in Shannon Airport. The pair claimed that they were attempting to search two US military planes that were parked in Shannon airport. The two scaled a fence that surrounded the military planes, a Hercules C130 cargo plane and a Boeing 737 aircraft modified for military use. It was reported that they were roughly 100 meters from the Hercules plane when airport police detained them. Local Gardaí then brought them to Shannon Garda station where they were detained and questioned for two hours.

They explained that they climbed the perimeter fence wearing yellow high-visibility jackets in order to examine whether or not the planes were carrying weapons. The pair discussed how the issue has been raised repeatedly in parliament and they have received no satisfaction. They claimed the government forced them to react this way as they refuse to carry out inspections on the planes. Clare Daly explained to the RTÉ News that the former Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, had in some ways made them look for proof as he repeatedly said there was no evidence to support claims and asked them to get some.

Clare Daly sustained some facial injuries when climbing the fence but no major damage was done. The pair, however, may face further charges in the future.

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#Trending: Top Twitter trends this week

July 22nd, 2014 Posted in Blogs, Crisis, Humour, Internet, News, MediaHQ, Music, Social Media No Comments

We’re back again with our #Trending blog post where we cast an eye over the top Twitter trends of the week. These trends stem from music to sport and also to the terrible MH17 plane disaster last week. Twitter was certainly busy this week with some really humorous and positive trends but also there was the emotional and heartbreaking trends from both the Air Malaysia flight and the on-going conflict in Israel and Gaza. There were many trends that came to our attention and here is our selection.


Yesterday marked the very first Niall Appreciation Day. This annual day of homage is to One Direction star Niall Horan. The Mullingar native is the apple of most teenage girls’ eyes around the world and yesterday and all throughout the week, fans paid their tributes and love to the singer. The massive following of One Direction known as ‘Directioners’ have been going all out on Twitter of their love of Niall with #NiallAppreciationDay, the top trend in Ireland yesterday. Entertainment website Latin Pulse suggested that the day should be an international holiday, “Today is Niall Appreciation Day on Twitter, and while it’s not yet a fully recognised international holiday, I think we are well on our way to getting there”. I would safely say that this aspiration may fall on deaf ears. Below is one of many obsessed fans of Mr.Horan tweeting about #NiallAppreciationDay.









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Media on the move- this week’s news

July 18th, 2014 Posted in Broadcasting, Changes, Journalism, Media, Media Changes, News, MediaHQ, Moves, Newstalk, Radio, Regional Newspapers No Comments

We are back again with ‘Media on the move’. The blog that is devoted to bringing you all the latest moves in the Irish media. We cross channel the latest changes within the Irish media to ensure you are kept in the loop. Whether they be in radio, print or television, we have them covered.

This week on ‘Media on the move’, we have the founder of the Sligo Weekender, Brian McHugh retiring and Tom Dunne’s new radio slot time on Newstalk. Lets get right into it!

weekender1. Founder of the Sligo Weekender set to retire

Founder of the Sligo Weekender, Brian McHugh, is set to retire next week after 31 years with the North-West based paper. Brian founded the paper in 1983  and was editor for five years up to 2009. He vacated the role at the age of 60 for the present editor, Robert Cullen, to take charge. From then on, Brian was the community editor. Born in Blacklion County Cavan, Brian moved to Sligo in February 1972 as he began working in the Snia Factory in Hazelwood. He worked there for a over a decade before the factory closed its doors in 1982. With the recession of the 1980s in full swing in the country, Brian saw the avenue and opportunity to set up a new newspaper in the town. After meticulous planning and preparation, the debut issue of the Sligo Weekender was published in December 1983.
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Top tips for pitching to journalists

July 17th, 2014 Posted in Irish Journalists, Journalism, Media No Comments

Here at we know that pitching your stories to journalists isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. It can be nerve wracking trying to get your idea across coherently and effectively. Getting your story to be snapped up by a journalist can be close to impossible without the proper skills and know how in order to stand out from the crowd. contains the most comprehensive collection of Irish journalists’ contacts and by building and managing this we understand how to successfully connect with Irish journalists. As Ireland’s leading media intelligence agency we deal with hundreds of clients, both big and small, and help them to pitch their stories to the media. By February of this year 60,000 stories had been shared on Using this experience we have come up with the top tips everybody needs to know before they pitch to a journalist.

If you want to learn more about pitching story ideas come along to our Channel 1 course, Pitch Perfect. You can learn from our Managing Director Jack Murray, an expert in pitching ideas who has previously advised senior politicians and business leaders about how to tell great stories.

Here are our top tips to insure your pitch is remembered:

1. Know who to pitch to

ID-100215802(1)Pitch to the right people! Think about who your audience will be and ask yourself where it would fit. Is it a serious story or humorous one? Is it a feature piece or a news story? Should it be in a magazine or a newspaper? When you have answered these questions you’re halfway there. You know what kind of publication it should be pitched to. Now, what is your story about? If it is a sports story then you know you should be pitching to a sports journalist, not somebody who specialises in current affairs and politics! Your story can now be sent out to all the relevant people.

It can be pretty difficult to gather all the contact details for all those journalists and send your story out on time. That’s what our service is for! If you’re not sure where to start, who to send your story to or how to find contact details Media HQ has you covered. We have lists in our system that vary from regional newspaper news desks to national television stations. Our filters will allow you to specify your search to find who you need. You can build your own lists and add your own contacts too. We then send your story out to all your chosen contacts at a specified time. To learn more visit our page.

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Media Essentials- This week’s top stories

July 16th, 2014 Posted in Irish, Journalism, Media, Online, Technology No Comments

This week here at we have collected the 3 top media stories from across the globe, to make sure that you’re kept informed. Our weekly blog post will bring you up to date on all the latest Irish and international media news. This week’s stories include Apple’s newest app deal, the Connaught Telegraph revamp and Kim Kardashian’s newest business venture. Read on to find out more…

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kim-Kardashian-Hollywood-CheatIt seems Kim Kardashian really isn’t just a pretty face with news reports this week, claiming that she is set to make up to £85 million from her latest business venture; a Kim Kardashian video game. According to Bloomberg News, the video game iPhone app, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, is set to gross $200 million this year alone . The reality television star reportedly will take away roughly £85 million of this, 45% of the net profits. The game, which was created by GLU Mobile, has already risen to top rated status in Apple’s mobile App store after just 3 weeks.

The video game is also centered around the star’s life. In the game users try to become virtual celebrities. They create their own avatar, choose their look and then go on to “live like Kim” by meeting celebrities and attending red carpet events.

The 33 year-old star made her name through the reality television show Keeping up with the Kardashians which was based around her family’s daily life. Her family name can already be seen on clothes, jewellery and makeup and since the initial show, many of the family members have branched off into other reality television shows, including Kim herself. However, this new business idea is reportedly her most successful financial venture yet.

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The team behind the show – Seán Moncrieff

July 15th, 2014 Posted in Broadcasting, Irish Journalists, Media, News, MediaHQ, Newstalk, Radio No Comments

We are back again with our biweekly blog post on the team behind the show. Last time, we did Today with Seán O’Rourke and this week it is the turn of another Seán – the Seán Moncrieff show on Newstalk. We at know that it is very much a team effort to make the show possible, so here is our rundown on the team behind the show- Moncrieff style!

SeanMoncrieff_largePresenter: Seán Moncrieff is the man in the hot-seat. Seán has a wealth of experience in radio broadcasting, having presented the afternoon show on Newstalk since May 2004. The London born man has also notched up a successful career as a television presenter, hosting many hit television programmes such as The End, Good Grief Moncrieff, Black Box and Don’t Feed The Gondolas, which was nominated for an IFTA Award. He was also the voice of The Restaurant on RTÉ 1. Moncrieff has turned his hand to books too with 5 books published, including two novels. His presenting style is one of flamboyancy with his distinctive voice a noticeable feature. It has seen him win the prestigious PPI Radio Gold Award for Best Speech Driven Programme and the show has landed a massive 8 PPI Awards in total.

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TV Nostalgia: Memorable shows of the past

July 14th, 2014 Posted in Broadcasting, Comedy, Irish, Media, News, MediaHQ, RTE, TV No Comments

We have all grown up with TV shows that have conjured up moments of unbridled joy and nostalgia. No matter what decade or vintage you have spent your childhood in, there are certain shows that always seem to resonate with people up and down the country.

Here at mediacontact, we decided to take a trip down memory lane, and pick a selection of  TV shows of the last 5 decades that have made a significant impression on many a household in the country. Lets get right into it:

TYRONE PRODUCTIONS - THE SCHOOL AROUND THE CORNER1. School around the corner (1954-1973) (1990-2005) (2013-present)

After returning to our screens this year, school around the corner has a special place in the hearts of many Irish people. I  would say that you could think of someone who has appeared on the show and often when you ask someone, a wry smile would come to their face. When you enter into your twenties/thirties, if you were on the show, you can be rest assured that someone will dish out a video of your childhood innocence. The show which originally began on radio, first aired on RTÉ television in 1961 and ran until 1966 with Paddy Crosbie as its presenter. After a 17 year absence, the show was revived again in 1990 with the late Gerry Ryan as host. RTÉ offered the series to UTV in Northern Ireland where it ran for a decade from 1995 to 2005. However, to the delight of many, the popular presenter, Ray D’arcy hosted the big return of the show with a Christmas special in 2013. Presenters may have come and gone but the format of questioning from the host and the cute, humorous and innocent answers from the school kids has lived on.

This clip of a recent episode of the show shows childhood innocence at its very best.

Mike_H2. The Live Mike (1979-1982)

A precusor to the modern day Naked Camera and Anonymous, the Live Mike presented by Mike Murphy, was synomonous for the candid camera sketches from the man himself. As well as the humorous camera pieces, the show also featured a chat segment with inputs from the likes of Twink, Fran Dempsey and the late great Dermot Morgan. It was first broadcast on RTÉ 1 on 9 November 1979 and by its last show on 2 April 1982, the catchphrase which concluded each sketch : “I’m Mike Murphy from RTÉ” was infamous with the man from Dublin. The programme ran for three series and included a famous prank played on fellow RTÉ broadcaster Gay Byrne. On the last show, Murphy created a bit of a stir when he told viewers that the show would not be returning. The main reason for his decision was down to the fact that alot of his original crew had left the show and Murphy felt the show was not fun to make anymore. Not to worry, Murphy treated us to three fantastic years, full of bizarre and witty moments.

This is the infamous video when Gay Byrne gets a bit hot under the collar so to speak outside Trinity College Dublin.

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Journalism and technology: From telegraph to Twitter

July 11th, 2014 Posted in Internet, Irish Journalists, Journalism, Media, Online, Social Media, Social Network, Social Platforms, Technology, Twitter No Comments

The journalism industry has changed drastically in recent years.

ID-100259674The advancement of technology has spurred on many of these new changes, making a more competitive and fast-paced market

The development of the internet means that there is endless amounts of information available now.

News can be accessed wherever and whenever somebody wants it.

Social media, blogging and citizen journalism have completely altered the face of the industry.

With all these changes, we here at decided to take look back at the evolution of journalism in Ireland and how far things have come in an attempt to discover what’s next for the world of journalism.

To find out more check out our latest Storify post here


Image- Stuart Miles at


Media on the Move – Mark Robinson

July 10th, 2014 Posted in Ireland, Irish Journalists, Media No Comments

Mark RobHere’s this week’s Media on the Move.

This weekly blog keeps you in the loop about Irish journalists and where they are. It informs you about who is leaving and who is starting somewhere new. Wherever they are, we have them covered. is Ireland’s leading media intelligence agency. We are a non-stop shop for all things media. brings to you the most comprehensive information on the Irish media. All of the media contacts in Ireland are in one convenient place. Our research team ensures every change is noted and updated as soon as it occurs. Let us keep you informed.

On the move this week…

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“We’ll leave it there so”- Bill to bid us farewell

July 9th, 2014 Posted in Broadcasting, Humour, Ireland, Irish Journalists, Journalism, Media, News, MediaHQ, RTE, Sport, Video, Youtube No Comments

indexSunday July 13th is a key date in the world footballing calendar, with the curtains coming down on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Meanwhile, all the way across the Atlantic, the curtains will also come down on another iconic figure of the game. The final will mark the end of Bill O’Herlihy’s career as he is set to retire this coming weekend. His career saw him spend nearly 50-years with RTÉ and he had a journalism/ broadcasting career going since 1965.

Here at we wanted to pick out some of the things that made Bill’s time on our televisions so special.



One of Bill’s qualities lies in his ability to pick his moments in between the analysis of John Giles, Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy. He has a shrewdness about his role as presenter and this certainly rubs off on the three boys. Unlike other sports presenters, the Cork native just needs to say something on the lines of “well that was a rubbish performance Eamon” and immediately brings engagement from his guests. RTÉ have always kept things simple as regards to there sports coverage. They don’t have the fancy machines to show in-depth highlights of the game like for example Sky Sports have and if they did, then perhaps we wouldn’t get the same Bill O’Herlihy that we are so used to. On numerous occasions down through the years, there has been many heated debates between the panel. However, Bill has always had a great knack of allowing Giles, Brady and Dunphy to express their opinions and then coming in at the opportune time. It is in this skill that has made the aforementioned team a fan favourite amongst the country’s football enthusiasts.

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