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Common Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter

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twitconTwitter is unlike any traditional form of media. The social media platform, provides a great base for taking control and getting your voice heard.

Twitter is commonly compared to that of a cocktail party whereby friends gather to share information and connect through common interests. If your new to such a gathering there is good chance you wont know the lingo and as a result make a few mistakes along the way.

Therefore we here at have decided to make your life on the twitterland a little easier  by pointing out the top 5 common mistakes we see every day.

1. Not Shortening Links

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes. Remember you only have 140 characters. Plus long links are very unattractive to the eye. In order to keep your tweets short and more appealing check out link shorteners such as

2. Spelling Errors

This may seem a little obvious but errors in grammar and spelling tend to be picked up on and pointed out more easily on twitter. Bottom line people notice! Worse still, they could use it to make your business look sloppy. A bit harsh? Perhaps, but it happens.

3. Tweeting without a Strategy

Never tweet just for the sake of it. Take some time to decide what you want to get from twitter and how to go about it. The content will follow.

4. Balancing Dialogue and Content. 

Twitter isnt all about chit chat and making ocnnections, nor is it about solely content and no dialogue. It is important to establish a happy balnce between the two. To put it ismply, content creates dialogue. Afterall, Twitter is all about sharing.

5. Tweeting too often

Nobody likes a person who is all talk and no ears. The best relationships are built upon by both listening and interacting. Unless you are the most interesting person in the world, chances are you are blocking up someone’s timeline and sooner or later you will find less people following you than you started out with.


Are you an avid Twitter user? Does your company or organisation use Twitter to create business? If you would like to learn how to get the most out of twitter for you or your organisation check out our increasingly popular Twitter 101 course here

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What is Galzac’s Guide?

April 24th, 2014 Posted in Branding, Galzac's Guide, Great Ideas, Journalism, Media, News, Online, Social Media No Comments

Picture 2Are you an expert in your line of work? Do you have a voice and a view you’d like to be heard?

It’s perfectly fine for you to answer yes to these questions. Just as long as it’s true.

So what’s holding you back? Maybe you’re struggling to interact with the media. You’re bursting with ideas and opinions, but don’t know how to let journalists and the public know.

That’s where ‘Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources’ comes in. It’s our sole aim to connect people with the media. We have the connections, you have the expertise, and so together we’re the perfect match.

Since we launched the 2014 edition of the Galzac’s Guide, we’ve had some really positive feedback from our current experts, journalists and the general public. Yet as we are a relatively new brand, we still have people who don’t know who we are or what we do.

Galzac’s is a service provided by, which helps to connect experts with the media. It’s as simple as that.

We have hundreds of experts listed on our website-

The service is free to journalists and allows them to browse and search for all of the experts contact details. Each expert has a bio and keywords’ explaining what their area of expertise is.

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Top Tips – How to write Effective Blog Content for your Organisation

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Blogging can be a highly effective and useful way for companies and organisations to grow their online presence. For many it can be daunting prospect, but only if your unprepared. Therefore, we here at,  have decided to show you how to create effective blog content ad  share some tips on what works.

 1. Keep it Fresh 

No one likes predictable content. Versatile and diversity in your blog content is a good way of both maintaining your audience and more importantly attracting new viewers for your company. From tips, to topical news, from  interesting social media stories to more personal ones, we here at recognise this important factor and constantly strive to keep our blog content ‘fresh’. There is no point in sending out new blog content every day if its the same sort of thing your saying over and over. Even if you need to get a message out about an upcoming event or promotion, put a new twist on it! Bottom line is, change it up if you want to keep your audience interested.

2. Make your blog the centre piece

How about having your blog as the chief space for announcements, updates on your organisation/ company etc. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social media forums which can put restrictions on your posts and who can access your data, blogging gives you complete control. You can create information on your blog and then promote it using other social network tools.


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Introducing Galzacs-The 2014 Edition

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photo 1Over two years ago the media resource that is Galzcs Guide was born . A print and online resource of media specialists who are wiling to contribute to print, online and television debates about heir chosen area of knowledge. An essential for any journalist or radio producer.

Today we published the second edition of ‘Galzacs Guide’ which has hundreds of experts covering a wide range of specialties and topics, from science to business, human rights to social media. The list is immense.

Here, at Galzacs we believe passionately that expert voices need to heard by the widest possible audience and in Galzacs provides the tool to achieving that.

Are you a journalist, producer or presenter? If so, we are here for you. We want to help you find the voices your stories need and indeed your audience want to hear. In doing so, we are building a community of thinkers and curious minds who want to share their ideas with the world.

After all, is this not what great journalism is about?

To get an idea of the latest copy of Galzacs, we have put together a snippet of the reaction on and off Social Media. Click Galzacs Guide-The 2014 Edition

Boston Marathon Bombing- One year later

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aerial-view-of-boston-at-sunset-10050793Today marks the one year anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings. The world was shocked to the core when it learned that two bombs had exploded at the finish line of the event, killing three including an 8 year old boy, and injuring an estimated 264 more. What should have been a happy, positive occasion was sordid with corruption, devastation and violence.

The suspect in the attack Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is currently awaiting trial facing over 30 charges, including murder.
Despite last years tragic events the city and the survivors stand united in a bid to remain stronger than ever. To show just how strong the City is and how far they’ve come in a year an inspiring video has emerged entitled ‘We will run.’ Director J.J Miller along with co-writer Rich Dimare created the inspirational video. The video highlights the passion and dedication of the city, determined to stand  tall, rise above defeat, and run.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the video check it out below.

Meanwhile over the past year victims of the tragic event have been working hard to rebuild their lives and their strength, courage and success is nothing shy of amazing. Here are just a few of their inspirational stories:

Jane Richard is the eight year old sister of Martin Richard who was the youngest person killed in the explosion. Jane was with her brother at the finish line along with their parents when the bomb went off  causing her to lose her left leg. The 8 year old spent 10 weeks in hospital undergoing various procedures before she was fitted with a prosthetic. Jane has now returned to school and her friends, family and teachers are all amazed at how well she has adjusted.

33 year old Adrienne Davis  dedicated her life to dance before she tragically lost the bottom part of her left leg at the marathon. However Adrienne was determined not to let her injury hold her back from doing what she loved, and she vowed to dance again. She fulfilled her promise to herself on March 19th where she took to the stage at the MIT Media Lab and danced with a specially designed Prosthetic. Adrienne hopes to one day make It onto dancing with the stars.

Rebekah Gregory was with her young son Noah and Boyfriend pete when the bomb exploded shattering her left leg from the knee down and ripping her right hand open to the bone. Pete also suffered extensive damage to his Achilles tendon, and Noah luckily sustained only minor physical injures. Rebekah has underwent a total of 16 surgeries in an attempt to save her leg. She now faces the decision to go through a 17th in the hopes that she may finally walk once more, or consider amputation. Despite the physical and emotional pain the family has suffered they remain strong and optimistic as best they can. Rebekah and Pete married on the 4th of April this year.

Many of the survivors unite under the premise of ‘Boston Strong’ which serves as a reminder that despite everything, they survived, they are here and they are strong. So on the Anniversary of last years tragic event we salute Boston’s Brave.

The 118th Boston Marathon takes place on April 21st where many of the survivors will once again be taking part.

Image: By puttsk, on FreeDigitalPhotos

#WeWillRun video:

Heart bleed bug, know what is and how to project yourself

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trojan-horse-computer-virus-100100622Unfortunately there is a new computer security bug doing the rounds, and it goes by the name of heart bleed.
The flaw comes in the form of OpenSSL, a popular data encryption form that enables hackers who know about it to extract massive amounts of data from the services we use every day. Often times we take these services for granted and presume that they are secure, however we forget that things like these can and do happen.

This isn’t a simple bug in some app that can be quickly fixed, the vulnerability is in the machines behind services that transmit secure information like Facebook and Gmail.

Heartbleed is a flaw in OpenSSL, the open-source encryption standard used by the majority of websites that need to transmit the data that users want to keep secure. It basically gives you a secure line when you’re sending an email or chatting on IM.

Encryption works by making it so that data being sent looks like nonsense to anyone but the intended recipient.

Occasionally, one computer might want to check that there’s still a computer at the end of its secure connection, and it will send out what’s known as a heartbeat, a small packet of data that asks for a response.

Because of a programming error in the implementation of OpenSSL, the researchers found that it was possible to send a well-disguised packet of data that looked like one of these heartbeats to trick the computer at the other end into sending data stored in its memory.
Everyone is likely to be affected, however it isn’t an issue on your own personal computer or your phone- it’s in the software that powers the services you use.
To protect yourself you should change your online passwords, especially for services where privacy and security are major concerns.

The researchers who discovered the flaw let the developers behind OpenSSL know several days before announcing the vulnerability so it was fixed before word got out on Monday. Most major service providers are already updating their sites, so the bug should be less prevalent in the coming weeks.

Source: Business Insider

Image:Victor Habbick, on FreeDigitalPhotos

Prismatic the personalised app built around you

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prismaticSometimes trawling through the news and net to find engaging content can be difficult and time consuming. Especially when you are searching for topics that are relevant to your interests. However Prismatic is a handy little app that solves this problem instantly!

The app uses your existing social networks and analyses them to bring you news and content that’s relevant to you, based on your interests and location.
Prismatic can tap into your other networks like Facebook, twitter and google+ and build you a customised list of content based on what you engage with most on these other platforms. And it’s free!

The app will build a personalised newsfeed for you based on what it finds. We think it’s pretty clever! If you’re not happy with the content the app is selecting for you, you can also customise what you’re shown by selecting various key words that appeal to you. For example food, animals, gardening, media, photography etc.

Prismatic is similar to the popular site and app ‘Stumble upon’ which shows users various content from across the web based on their selected key words. Users can’ like’ or ‘pass ‘ on what they are shown. Both of these apps are a great way to uncover some undiscovered gems on the internet, whether it’s a tasty recipe, a fascinating article, beautiful photography or just some light hearted entertainment, with apps like these you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

We’d definitely recommend checking out prismatic, though be warned, it can become quite addictive!

Image: Prismatic

The Irish State Visit- A Reflection

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parliament-1001719 As the tri colour blew over Windsor castle and the London Tower took on a green illumination yesterday afternoon, President Michael D Higgins was welcomed into the home of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This sparked possibly one of the most symbolic moments in Anglo-Irish Relations in the past few decades, cementing a friendship between two, once conflicting, neighbours.

One could say however that it is a testament to the rapprochement in Anglo-Irish Relations since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 that, historic as Mr. Higgins’ visit is, the stakes involved in such a high-profile event are much smaller than in 2011 when the Queen set foot on Irish soil.

However the reaction to the first ever visit of an irish President to Britain was palpable in a very positive light from the streets of London adorned with both the Union jack and tri colour blowing in unison right down to the thousands of tweets which adorned our newsfeed. The significance of this historical moment could not be over shadowed. Furthermore it was perfectly fitting that the trip, one centered around culture and the many Irish in Britain, would be carried out by a poet and writer who represents every ounce of Irishness having served as Minister for Arts in the Labour Fine Gael coalition of 1994-97.

Last night however was the moment we had all been waiting for, A northern Ireland ‘themed’ reception (a gentle nod towards the peace process no doubt) and of coarse the keynote address by President Higgins in Windsor. One which left many with a lump in their throat. In keeping with his style and also the theme of the evening, he addressed the Queen and the 160 guests with a toast bearing the theme of friendship and ‘living in the shadow of each other.’ The troubled past was not without mention however, on both sides, which instilled a lasting echo amongst those listening within and outside Windsor castle last night.

The significance of the this visit however is not alone in the fact it is an Irish President’s first but more importantly in the fact that these two leaders could sit next to each other behind once ‘enemy lines’ and acknowledge the great friendship which has now blossomed which is testament to the peace process 14 years ago.

Here at we have put together a story documenting the past few days which demonstrates the reaction both on and off social media to this truly historical day. Watch it here 


Image: Nicholas Tarling at

4 charity campaigns embracing social media

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pink-donation-100201446Social media is easily the most influential and far reaching platform there is and  the majority of organisations and charities are aware of this, and are making use of  it’s power and potential. Many organisations have truly embraced social media and have successfully embedded it into their fundraising and marketing strategies.  Which is why we here at thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the charities we feel use social media really well to advance and promote their various campaigns.

So here we go

1.The Irish Heart Foundation: The irish heart foundation is a wonderful charity that makes excellent use of social media. The foundation uses twitter to promote their #HappyHearts initiative which sees volunteers around the country raising much needed funds by selling happy heart badges. This year the charity hopes to raise vital funds in order to deliver a national CPR campaign via their happy hearts appeal which is taking place the 15th-17th of May. See more about how to get involved here 

You can also follow the organisation at @Irishheart_ie

2.Pieta Hosue: Pieta house is the charity at the centre for the prevention of self-harm and suicide. The charity’s main fundraising initiative is their ‘Darkness into light’ campaign which takes place Sunday May 10th. Darkness into light is the pieta house annual 5k walk/run which begins at 4.15 in the am, and finishes just as dawn is breaking. Hence the clever name! Again the charity makes wonderful use of social media to promote the event, by sharing engaging content and interacting with followers and encouraging people to take part. For more information on the darkness into light campaign see here.
Follow the organisation at @PietaHouse

3.The Irish Cancer Society- Another charity which benefits massively from social media is The Irish Cancer society. A couple of weeks ago saw over 1m raised as part of the social media craze #Nomakeupselfie. The trend actually wasn’t initiated by the the charity itself, which goes to show just how much of a powerful platform social media is. However Daffodil day, the charities main initiative took place last Friday the 28th of March and is always a huge success due to the charities hard work and dedicated promotion.
Get involved and follow the charity at  @IrishCancerSoc

4.Aware: Aware is the leading charity dedicated to promoting positive mental health. The charity offers support and information to those suffering from depression, bi-polar, PND and more. The charity transcends the very real message that it’s okay not to feel okay. Saturday the 12th of April will see the Phoenix Park 5K/10K Run which is in aid of Aware. Again, much like the others Aware has  a very strong and influential online presence. See more about the Phoenix Park run here
Support Aware and follow  @Aware

Of course there are a vast amount of charities out there who are all making fantastic use of social platforms to promote their various campaigns and events. This is just the tip of the ice berg. Also don’t forget the Flora’s Women’s Mini Marathon is also taking part this June Bank holiday on the 2nd. The marathon is an excellent opportunity for women to run, walk or jog for a charity of their choice and it also see’s a lot of funds raised for some lesser known charities!

Yesterday was World Autisim Awareness day so there’s always something going on somewhere and it’s nice to be aware of these things. That’s why social media is great for these charities, because it gets the message out. If you’re thinking of donating or doing something for charity, you can find a complete list of charities here at No matter how big or small, it’s always great to give back.

International Children’s Book Day- Staff Picks

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ID-10083617Today is International Children’s Book Day. April 2nd was chosen as the day to promote the awareness of young readers, as it’s the same date as Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday, author of the classical “The Little Mermaid”.

The day is organised by the International Board on Books For Young People-IBBY, with the aim being to promote books and reading to young people.  IBBY was founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1953 and today there are 70 National Sections from all parts of the world.

To celebrate the Mediacontact team started to reminisce about our favourite childhood books. We began to remember cherished memories of Readathon’s, mobile libraries and pop up bookshops coming to schools.

We all have fond memories of reading and sharing books as a child and it’s something we all continue to enjoy as adults.

Some of the staff decided to share their favourite children’s books-


Goosebumps- This children’s horror fiction series really lived up to its title. It was scary and unpleasant and generally ended with an exciting twist. The author, R. L. Stine released over sixty titles throughout the nineties. The books also went on to become a popular kids television show. James read every single one and even though they frightened him, he couldn’t put them down. His particular favourite was “Say Cheese or Die”.

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